Type of Housing   - R3.5 - Mixed Report

S.No.Project TypeApplication NoProject NameProject StatusName TypeNameApplication StatusPayment Date
1 Mixed Development 290618141408 PRIME HILL CREST Ongoing Organization KVR PRIME CONSTRUCTIONS PVT LTD Project Approved 01/09/2018
2 Mixed Development 030419142054 KMV VIVAAN TOWER New Project Organization KMV SPACES LLP Fwd to Joint Director 04/05/2019
3 Mixed Development 100918115036 SRI LAXMI NARASIMHA HOMES New Project Organization SRI LAXMI NARASIMHA HOMES PVT LTD Project Approved 07/03/2019
4 Mixed Development 280119151145 HEMA'S TWIN BLISS Ongoing Organization HEMA ABODES PRIVATE LIMITED Project Approved 07/02/2019
5 Mixed Development 190219122536 KBC HEIGHTS ONE New Project Organization SREE CHARAN BUILDERS Fwd to Promoter(Shortfall) 08/03/2019
6 Mixed Development 100218123708 GEV RADHAMADHAV Ongoing Organization GEV PROJECTS Project Approved 09/05/2018
7 Mixed Development 191218103957 GARDENIA New Project Organization MULAGOLLA LIFESPACE DEVELOPERS LLP Fwd to Promoter(Shortfall) 12/03/2019
8 Mixed Development 250818112118 ABHIRAM'S TOUCHSTONE TOWERS New Project Organization ABHIRAM NIRMAN INDIA PVT LTD Project Approved 15/03/2019
9 Mixed Development 140319135049 ATR KRISHNA ROYAL New Project Organization SRI KRISHNA CONSTRUCTIONS Fwd to Joint Director 16/04/2019
10 Mixed Development 100418175848 CHANDRIKA AYODHYAA New Project Organization RAKI AVENUES PRIVATE LIMITED Project Approved 18/05/2018
11 Mixed Development 280518161032 CELEST PHASE 1 Ongoing Organization APEX MEADOWS PRIVATE LIMITED Project Approved 18/06/2018
12 Mixed Development 160518111644 VASUDEVA TOWERS New Project Organization CHIGURUPATI CONSTRUCTIONS Fwd to Promoter(Shortfall) 22/04/2019
13 Mixed Development 250318144614 SAMHITA SPLENDID HOMES New Project Organization SAMHITA PROJECTS Project Approved 24/09/2018
14 Mixed Development 041018185633 NRT ICON TOWER New Project Organization ANDHRA PRADESH NON RESIDENT TELUGU SOCIETY Project Approved 26/10/2018
15 Mixed Development 141218160053 LANSUM SQUARE Ongoing Organization LANSUM PROPERTIES LLP Project Approved 25/02/2019
16 Mixed Development 271218131132 BRINDAVANAM New Project Organization RENUKA AGENCIES Project Approved 27/12/2018
17 Mixed Development 271118115909 DHANWIN ENCLAVE Ongoing Organization ANR CONSTRUCTIONS Project Approved 28/11/2018
18 Mixed Development 171118162531 SRIRAMA HIGHTS New Project Organization SRIRAMA PROPERTIES Project Approved 30/05/2019
19 Mixed Development 310519180416 RELIANCE AVANS KRISHNA GRANDEUR Ongoing Organization RELIANCE DEVELOPERS Fwd to Joint Director 31/05/2019