R21.1 Application Wise Time Taken Report - Project

S.No   Application     No     Project     Name   Time taken to submit application
date to
date )
Scrutiny Time taken to submit
shortfall documents
by Promoter
 Approved  date Total no of
to scrutiny
Total no of Days/Hours
with promoter
 Total   Time  
S1 Days/Hours  S2 Days/Hours  S3 Days/Hours  S4 Days/Hours  S5 Days/Hours  S6 Days/Hours  S7 Days/Hours  S8 Days/Hours  S9 Days/Hours  S10 Days/Hours  D1 Days/Hours  D2 Days/Hours  D3 Days/Hours  D4 Days/Hours  D5 Days/Hours  D6 Days/Hours  D7 Days/Hours  D8 Days/Hours  D9 Days/Hours  D10 Days/Hours 
1 020218183602PANORAMA HILLS, Block-20D 18H 1D 21H                   06/02/20181D 21H 0D 18H 2D 15H
2 020218152142VINYAAS CONCORD CASTLE1D 0H 0D 18H                   06/02/20180D 18H 1D 0H 1D 18H
3 070218083026TULASI RESIDENCY0D 7H 28D 22H         319D 5H         NA28D 22H 319D 12H 348D 10H
4 060218154451RUPA RESIDENCY1D 2H 28D 20H16D 21H5D 10H       47D 3H195D 22H53D 21H       NA51D 3H 298D 0H 349D 3H
5 120218125743MANJEERA MONARCH6D 3H 30D 1H21D 6H        34D 17H         15/05/201851D 7H 40D 20H 92D 3H
6 120218133219SIRI GREEN JEWEL BLOCK - A & B11D 6H 28D 0H42D 5H        10D 16H         15/05/201870D 5H 21D 22H 92D 3H
7 090218151716RAINTREE PARK-DWARKA KRISHNA PHASE II16D 8H 29D 19H42D 23H        5D 22H         15/05/201872D 18H 22D 6H 95D 0H
8 120218134303SIRI GREEN JEWEL BLOCK - C14D 3H 29D 20H35D 5H        55D 0H         26/06/201865D 1H 69D 3H 134D 4H
9 090218121412SIDDHARTHA ENCLAVE17D 7H 29D 19H19D 23H21D 0H9D 21H      14D 3H73D 1H45D 0H       27/09/201880D 15H 149D 11H 230D 2H
10 090218122752SRI VALLI PRAVAS17D 8H 29D 20H18D 19H        29D 5H         15/05/201848D 15H 46D 13H 95D 4H
11 100218155850MID VALLEY CITY16D 5H 29D 20H16D 22H20D 4H       58D 1H30D 23H        01/08/201866D 22H 105D 5H 172D 3H
12 150218164440ICONICA GRANDE @SHRIRAM PANORAMA HILLS17D 21H 29D 21H30D 2H        11D 2H         15/05/201859D 23H 28D 23H 88D 22H
13 190218124256BHAGYAREKHA RESIDENCY BY MM CONSTRUCTIONS14D 23H 21D 9H15D 4H12D 22H12D 5H      47D 15H7D 0H7D 23H       16/07/201861D 16H 77D 13H 139D 5H
14 280218152124ADVAITA KUTIRAM14D 2H 47D 0H12D 3H14D 1H14D 21H14D 3H18D 14H5D 9H10D 8H9D 21H 9D 21H8D 0H7D 0H7D 0H7D 0H66D 5H5D 14H4D 19H  01/12/2018146D 8H 129D 13H 275D 21H
15 090318171203AASRITHA PARADISE5D 5H 47D 0H13D 0H9D 1H6D 7H      23D 5H70D 6H5D 13H       05/09/201875D 8H 104D 5H 179D 13H
16 120218124353APARNA AMARAVATI ONE32D 4H 45D 17H         262D 7H         NA45D 17H 294D 11H 340D 4H
17 120218171055INDIABULLS SIERRA BLOCKS - C D & I32D 1H 45D 17H20D 7H17D 19H       14D 5H4D 0H        26/06/201883D 19H 50D 6H 134D 1H
18 120218171408INDIABULLS SIERRA BLOCKS - G H & E32D 1H 45D 17H20D 7H17D 19H       14D 5H4D 0H        26/06/201883D 19H 50D 6H 134D 1H
19 120218171829INDIABULLS SIERRA BLOCKS F1 F2 F3 & F432D 1H 45D 17H20D 6H17D 19H       14D 6H4D 0H        26/06/201883D 18H 50D 7H 134D 1H
20 120218151056INDIABULLS SIERRA BLOCKS - A & B35D 3H 42D 17H20D 8H17D 20H       14D 4H3D 23H        26/06/201880D 21H 53D 6H 134D 3H
21 120218122819BELMONT HEIGHTS35D 23H 41D 23H         265D 8H         NA41D 23H 301D 7H 343D 6H
22 100218102243VIVAAN39D 23H 40D 2H22D 1H14D 7H       9D 3H10D 18H        26/06/201876D 10H 59D 20H 136D 6H
23 030418153642SRI RAMACHANDRA RESIDENCY0D 5H 27D 18H11D 4H        2D 21H         15/05/201838D 22H 3D 2H 42D 0H
24 120418110504SANJEEVA SAI CLASSIC0D 3H 18D 23H         265D 2H         NA18D 23H 265D 5H 284D 4H
25 030418154144ROYAL TOWN14D 0H 22D 0H26D 1H        20D 5H         26/06/201848D 1H 34D 5H 82D 6H
26 080318124025VIJAYA VALENCIA53D 4H 11D 2H13D 1H9D 20H       103D 22H12D 1H        27/09/201833D 23H 169D 3H 203D 2H
27 150318155144BANDI'S CAPITAL GATEWAY46D 18H 17D 6H35D 5H        3D 19H         26/06/201852D 11H 50D 13H 103D 0H
28 270318125616SUMANA38D 1H 16D 21H16D 3H28D 4H       5D 3H6D 20H        16/07/201861D 4H 50D 0H 111D 4H
29 120218122521JAYABHERI THE CAPITAL84D 4H 14D 21H28D 6H        6D 23H         26/06/201843D 3H 91D 3H 134D 6H
30 100218123708GEV RADHAMADHAV87D 23H 12D 22H18D 0H        61D 23H         10/08/201830D 22H 149D 22H 180D 20H
31 290418165105CAPITAL BUSINESS PARK12D 21H 21D 9H12D 0H18D 21H       10D 15H0D 7H        16/07/201852D 6H 23D 19H 76D 1H
32 070318102609VERTEX SIRIS SIGNA68D 4H 21D 7H13D 0H10D 23H15D 23H9D 7H     7D 20H6D 22H8D 3H20D 19H      05/09/201870D 12H 111D 20H 182D 8H
33 190318181226AJANTA ARCADE56D 0H 21D 4H         230D 20H         NA21D 4H 286D 20H 308D 0H
34 060318145924VERTEX CAPITAL COUNTY70D 21H 19D 19H13D 21H6D 22H       8D 7H65D 0H        07/09/201840D 14H 144D 4H 184D 18H
35 040418193356SLV AMARAVATHI GRAND41D 22H 18D 20H10D 3H13D 18H       126D 8H20D 22H        23/11/201842D 17H 189D 4H 231D 21H
36 120218124407FAME'S ROYAL RESIDENCY93D 21H 18D 22H10D 6H14D 19H7D 5H      70D 8H25D 20H76D 22H       27/12/201851D 4H 266D 23H 318D 3H
37 170518125755SWARNA SAI RESIDENCY0D 4H 17D 20H         230D 10H         NA17D 20H 230D 14H 248D 10H
38 100418175848CHANDRIKA AYODHYAA37D 14H 17D 22H20D 23H        20D 9H         16/07/201838D 21H 57D 23H 96D 20H
39 180518202737MADHURAM ELITE0D 13H 18D 3H         229D 6H         NA18D 3H 229D 19H 247D 22H
40 240418194317RAINBOW NM SQUARE26D 20H 15D 22H17D 23H11D 23H       9D 23H0D 6H        16/07/201845D 20H 37D 1H 82D 21H
41 120518102220SATYA ANNAPURNA HEIGHTS12D 2H 13D 3H14D 3H21D 7H       14D 21H5D 20H        01/08/201848D 13H 32D 19H 81D 8H
42 230518162633SRI SRINIVASA NILAYAM1D 1H 12D 23H12D 19H12D 21H21D 21H12D 6H     8D 0H9D 8H68D 1H1D 21H      31/10/201872D 18H 88D 7H 161D 1H
43 120218113258RAMAKRISHNA TECHNO TOWERZ102D 5H 12D 1H13D 9H9D 3H       64D 17H3D 20H        05/09/201834D 13H 170D 18H 205D 7H
44 120218111509PINEWOODS105D 0H 16D 5H         222D 3H         NA16D 5H 327D 3H 343D 8H
45 110218113644LAKSHMI VENKATESWARA GARDENS- EXTENSION107D 3H 15D 2H11D 11H5D 6H       179D 18H3D 17H21D 22H       NA31D 19H 312D 12H 344D 7H
46 290518111908SUBRAHMANYA'S M.P PALACE1D 5H 14D 2H14D 21H15D 2H11D 0H      7D 0H6D 1H0D 19H167D 6H      NA55D 1H 182D 7H 237D 8H
47 200318122807BITRAS PEPL GRAND75D 23H 16D 23H         214D 6H         NA16D 23H 290D 5H 307D 4H
48 070318122816VERTEX CAPITAL VISTA PHASE-III89D 3H 17D 0H19D 10H4D 6H2D 6H      98D 21H5D 13H2D 19H       01/11/201842D 22H 196D 8H 239D 6H
49 240318124932JAYA DHANALAXMI HILLS76D 22H 16D 3H15D 3H12D 15H4D 8H6D 22H     52D 15H97D 5H6D 10H0D 20H      07/01/201955D 3H 234D 0H 289D 3H
50 280518161032CELEST PHASE 120D 23H 15D 0H18D 20H11D 4H11D 19H      14D 5H7D 4H48D 18H       24/10/201856D 19H 91D 2H 147D 21H
51 310318130325OM SRI ARAVINDA NIVAS79D 0H 16D 1H14D 2H7D 22H       32D 20H56D 0H        24/10/201838D 1H 167D 20H 205D 21H
52 190518200842PIONEER ARIA32D 14H 25D 7H                   16/07/201825D 7H 32D 14H 57D 21H
53 010318182634KODANDA RAMA HOMELAND BLOCK-1112D 0H 13D 22H11D 10H7D 5H       160D 4H7D 7H        07/01/201932D 13H 279D 11H 312D 0H
54 170418091242KODANDA RAMA HOMELAND II65D 10H 14D 16H11D 10H7D 5H       159D 10H7D 7H        07/01/201933D 7H 232D 3H 265D 10H
55 270218135320NALLURU ENCLAVE118D 1H 10D 20H17D 6H17D 16H15D 2H      10D 22H0D 0H0D 8H       05/09/201860D 20H 129D 7H 190D 3H
56 290618125049GOKULAM0D 6H 13D 19H22D 11H10D 2H8D 15H      15D 22H101D 20H5D 22H       25/12/201854D 23H 123D 22H 178D 21H
57 030718135227CHANDRIKA AVANTHIKA PHASE-II1D 6H 8D 20H15D 19H20D 22H       33D 22H32D 3H        24/10/201845D 13H 67D 7H 112D 20H
58 090718120346CHANDRIKA VILAASINI VANASPATHI1D 3H 9D 3H14D 5H        26D 19H         29/08/201823D 8H 27D 22H 51D 6H
59 090718171011CHANDRIKA VILAASINI GAYAKAPRIYA0D 22H 16D 3H9D 9H11D 3H       19D 20H0D 17H        05/09/201836D 15H 21D 11H 58D 2H
60 050718151232RIVER BANK OAK BLOCK-C8D 0H 21D 2H         171D 2H         NA21D 2H 179D 2H 200D 4H
61 020618140133PANCHAJANYA45D 1H 19D 20H13D 5H        60D 3H94D 21H        01/12/201833D 1H 200D 1H 233D 2H
62 280318163913BRUNDAVANAM ADVAITHA112D 23H 17D 22H         168D 3H         NA17D 22H 281D 2H 299D 0H
63 190718180101VEERA RESIDENCY2D 18H 15D 5H17D 7H        5D 18H         29/08/201832D 12H 8D 12H 41D 0H
64 140618175619SRI SAI MANJUNADHA TOWERS39D 2H 14D 15H         167D 7H         NA14D 15H 206D 9H 221D 0H
65 190518172658VENKATRAM REDDY HEIGHTS70D 0H 23D 4H         153D 20H         NA23D 4H 223D 20H 247D 0H
66 040718200006ESWARSANKALP HOMES25D 16H 21D 7H         153D 19H         NA21D 7H 179D 11H 200D 18H
67 110618210232CELEST PHASE 250D 17H 18D 16H8D 23H        100D 10H         08/12/201827D 15H 151D 3H 178D 18H
68 250718174403GREEN CITY HOMES8D 16H 17D 23H11D 0H        4D 10H         05/09/201828D 23H 13D 2H 42D 1H
69 080718201327HANI FORTUNE27D 18H 15D 23H6D 20H        8D 10H         05/09/201822D 19H 36D 4H 58D 23H
70 240718162950SRI SAI PARADISE13D 21H 14D 3H24D 21H        11D 3H         26/09/201839D 0H 25D 0H 64D 0H
71 020818093819PIONEER DAFFODILS5D 7H 16D 4H7D 21H        6D 17H         07/09/201824D 1H 12D 0H 36D 1H
72 270718152355CHANDRIKA SAVITRI18D 5H 10D 2H15D 1H        18D 15H         27/09/201825D 3H 36D 20H 61D 23H
73 150818160810SUKRITHI ANVIKA0D 4H 9D 3H         149D 20H         NA9D 3H 150D 0H 159D 3H
74 240518185258TIRUMALA CASTLE87D 20H 15D 7H5D 22H9D 15H14D 18H      50D 22H5D 1H1D 7H       01/12/201845D 14H 145D 2H 190D 16H
75 310518140102TEMPLE TOWN81D 20H 14D 20H31D 0H        18D 4H         24/10/201845D 20H 100D 0H 145D 20H
76 280718153421SANJANA HEIGHTS23D 18H 15D 6H                   05/09/201815D 6H 23D 18H 39D 0H
77 300718221433SRUJANA HEIGHTS21D 15H 15D 6H                   05/09/201815D 6H 21D 15H 36D 21H
78 170518155426DEVI'S NIRVANA97D 18H 13D 2H10D 4H9D 21H       73D 0H1D 2H        08/12/201833D 3H 171D 20H 204D 23H
79 230318121940LAKSHMI NILAYAM153D 3H 13D 1H15D 2H11D 8H       27D 23H83D 17H        NA39D 11H 264D 19H 304D 6H
80 290618111556SATYA RESIDENCY62D 23H 5D 19H4D 12H10D 7H       111D 5H11D 13H        NA20D 14H 185D 17H 206D 7H
81 200818103835SISIR MIDHILAPURI11D 5H 6D 15H5D 0H        50D 12H         01/11/201811D 15H 61D 17H 73D 8H
82 290618141408PRIME HILL CREST63D 20H 21D 0H5D 23H7D 2H       33D 5H0D 23H        08/11/201834D 1H 98D 0H 132D 1H
83 070718163428CASA BEACH FRONT55D 22H 20D 22H26D 22H        5D 1H         24/10/201847D 20H 60D 23H 108D 19H
84 160818153157DIWAN GARDENS PHASE 319D 23H 17D 19H4D 11H        104D 2H11D 19H        NA22D 6H 135D 20H 158D 2H
85 290818113406BRUNDAVANAM7D 5H 17D 20H7D 3H        65D 5H47D 22H        NA24D 23H 120D 8H 145D 7H
86 250818123140WHITE OAKS APARTMENT11D 23H 17D 1H10D 23H        81D 4H28D 2H        NA28D 0H 121D 5H 149D 5H
87 070818123331LAKSHMI RESIDENCY30D 6H 19D 21H7D 4H9D 19H11D 19H      23D 22H11D 23H1D 5H       01/12/201848D 15H 67D 8H 115D 23H
88 070318130633LAKSHMI'S EXOTICA183D 8H 19D 20H4D 13H9D 4H       88D 17H14D 16H        NA33D 13H 286D 17H 320D 6H
89 010918164020PABOLU PLAZA9D 0H 16D 2H         117D 0H         NA16D 2H 126D 0H 142D 2H
90 030818185927SAMRUDDHI HEIGHTS39D 21H 14D 4H         116D 23H         NA14D 4H 156D 20H 171D 0H
91 280818161145WIND SHIRE -BLOCK-117D 3H 12D 1H6D 17H5D 2H       21D 22H31D 23H        01/12/201823D 20H 71D 0H 94D 20H
92 040918101828SRI DATTATREYA CONSTRUCTIONS14D 3H 8D 23H         116D 4H         NA8D 23H 130D 7H 139D 6H
93 130818150318SHREE'S ATMOSPHERE36D 23H 8D 1H11D 3H        36D 0H         13/11/201819D 4H 72D 23H 92D 3H
94 200818175307KARTIKEYA TOWERS29D 22H 7D 23H9D 18H4D 8H3D 0H16D 23H     13D 20H2D 5H2D 0H4D 18H      23/11/201842D 0H 52D 17H 94D 17H
95 150818104037HONEYY GROUP- SREENIVASAM35D 21H 14D 0H         109D 6H         NA14D 0H 145D 3H 159D 3H
96 200918114458TKR TOWERS0D 6H 13D 21H         109D 5H         NA13D 21H 109D 11H 123D 8H
97 260618104352ELITE AVENUE86D 6H 18D 21H16D 0H        44D 3H         08/12/201834D 21H 130D 9H 165D 6H
98 280618160215NORTHFACE AVASA84D 23H 18D 1H5D 8H        86D 21H11D 22H        NA23D 9H 183D 18H 207D 3H
99 060818172655DYNAMIK JUPITER46D 18H 17D 5H10D 2H7D 21H       33D 23H0D 22H        01/12/201835D 4H 81D 15H 116D 19H
100 170518155155MACHINENI GRANDIOSE129D 20H 15D 4H5D 3H9D 20H       46D 2H4D 18H        14/12/201830D 3H 180D 16H 210D 19H
101 250318144614SAMHITA SPLENDID HOMES182D 21H 23D 2H9D 0H9D 6H       30D 21H3D 0H        08/12/201841D 8H 216D 18H 258D 2H
102 150618094241SREE RAMJI INFRATECH103D 6H 21D 2H7D 2H        7D 23H         01/11/201828D 4H 111D 5H 139D 9H
103 250918193726CAPITAL CITY1D 2H 20D 23H         95D 22H         NA20D 23H 97D 0H 117D 23H
104 210218153755ABHIRAMS BLUE BAY TOWERS219D 21H 18D 19H5D 6H16D 1H       9D 3H13D 17H        01/12/201840D 2H 242D 17H 282D 19H
105 260918153608SRIRAMA MANSION3D 2H 18D 15H6D 2H5D 21H14D 22H      6D 11H1D 18H1D 0H       23/11/201845D 12H 12D 7H 57D 19H
106 190918191745FORTUNE ELNIDO11D 19H 16D 19H11D 2H        15D 6H         13/11/201827D 21H 27D 1H 54D 22H
107 240918163102HIMA HEIGHTS8D 16H 15D 5H6D 13H9D 22H       5D 6H5D 10H68D 1H       NA31D 16H 87D 9H 119D 1H
108 100918141951NORTHFACE GRANDEUR22D 22H 15D 5H         95D 2H         NA15D 5H 118D 0H 133D 5H
109 290818152511JOSHNA MANSION36D 0H 14D 2H7D 16H5D 23H       41D 18H12D 8H        25/12/201827D 17H 90D 2H 117D 19H
110 140818135611BHUVANA VIJAYAM51D 23H 13D 6H         94D 22H         NA13D 6H 146D 21H 160D 3H
111 280918165525BALAJI'S HILLVIEW ENCLAVE6D 23H 13D 5H6D 12H        81D 22H6D 12H        NA19D 17H 95D 9H 115D 2H
112 250918133840HONEY HEIGHTS9D 19H 13D 6H         94D 20H         NA13D 6H 104D 15H 117D 21H
113 011018131919C N R RESIDENCY5D 0H 12D 17H3D 3H9D 3H11D 1H      10D 7H8D 18H0D 20H       01/12/201836D 0H 24D 21H 60D 21H
114 090718154348VR NEXUS90D 2H 11D 22H17D 0H        49D 18H         25/12/201828D 22H 139D 20H 168D 18H
115 041018110643RAMMOHAN'S ARCADE4D 1H 11D 0H19D 19H        14D 23H         23/11/201830D 19H 19D 0H 49D 19H
116 021018183559ROYAL OPERA6D 23H 10D 2H         93D 23H         NA10D 2H 100D 22H 111D 0H
117 120918120603NORTH EAST INFRA27D 8H 10D 1H         93D 22H         NA10D 1H 121D 6H 131D 7H
118 091018191402ROYAL OPERA0D 16H 9D 10H         93D 22H         NA9D 10H 94D 14H 104D 0H
119 101018114742SAI DURGA ENCLAVE0D 5H 10D 3H         93D 0H         NA10D 3H 93D 5H 103D 8H
120 091018184009SUNRISE ENCLAVE0D 21H 10D 6H8D 21H11D 22H       46D 3H25D 23H        NA31D 1H 72D 23H 104D 0H
121 091018173941SAANVIKA ENCLAVE1D 1H 10D 9H         92D 15H         NA10D 9H 93D 16H 104D 1H
122 051018151333ROHAN'S PRIDE5D 13H 9D 23H4D 4H4D 5H       2D 10H0D 19H        01/11/201818D 8H 8D 18H 27D 2H
123 031018142557RATNAVALLI'S THE KARTIKEYA8D 2H 11D 1H5D 23H10D 8H       2D 23H2D 19H        13/11/201827D 8H 13D 20H 41D 4H
124 270918114646VERTEX CAPITAL VISTA PHASE- IV18D 0H 8D 2H11D 9H        49D 22H28D 16H        NA19D 11H 96D 14H 116D 1H
125 190918191744VELUMURI’S INDRAPRASTHA26D 17H 7D 4H6D 19H        9D 3H         08/11/201813D 23H 35D 20H 49D 19H
126 161018154658SRMT APARTMENTS-20D 3H 7D 16H6D 23H        8D 5H         08/11/201814D 15H 8D 8H 22D 23H
127 070818182042SREENIDHI AKSHAYA NAGAR77D 17H 6D 10H7D 17H        1D 0H         08/11/201814D 3H 78D 17H 92D 20H
128 100718132658HRT MANASVI106D 20H 6D 1H         82D 5H         NA6D 1H 189D 1H 195D 2H
129 240918175556GREEN FIELDS I30D 23H 44D 0H53D 7H                  08/12/201897D 7H 30D 23H 128D 6H
130 041018185633NRT ICON TOWER21D 17H 5D 10H         81D 21H         NA5D 10H 103D 14H 109D 0H
131 290918172504MAPLE MEADOWS-VIII26D 22H 5D 8H15D 1H        7D 11H         23/11/201820D 9H 34D 9H 54D 18H
132 111018093900KRISHNA LEELA RESIDENCY18D 1H 3D 7H9D 19H6D 21H       11D 21H1D 5H        01/12/201819D 23H 31D 3H 51D 2H
133 290918175520MAPLE MEADOWS-X29D 22H 3D 3H16D 20H        4D 21H         23/11/201819D 23H 34D 19H 54D 18H
134 220818170604SR SUGUNA HEIGHTS68D 18H 2D 6H9D 17H        12D 0H         23/11/201811D 23H 80D 18H 92D 17H
135 280418104858SAMRUDDHI NEXA186D 1H 1D 5H         81D 0H         NA1D 5H 267D 1H 268D 6H
136 311018151524SRI SATYANARAYANA TOWERS0D 2H 1D 2H         81D 0H         NA1D 2H 81D 2H 82D 4H
137 161018155726HAPPY NEST15D 3H 1D 0H                   01/11/20181D 0H 15D 3H 16D 3H
138 301018113942SREE KALYANIS-CHANDRAS PARK VIEW APARTMENTS1D 11H 5D 22H13D 17H        2D 21H         23/11/201819D 15H 4D 8H 23D 23H
139 250918165945GRAND EGYPT36D 18H 5D 11H         73D 18H         NA5D 11H 110D 12H 115D 23H
140 311018153149BALAJI EMERALD0D 21H 6D 0H13D 20H        2D 2H         23/11/201819D 20H 2D 23H 22D 19H
141 111018161849HEMA DURGA JEWEL COUNTY BLOCK C AND D22D 22H 11D 1H         68D 2H         01/12/201811D 1H 91D 0H 102D 1H
142 120918113012BRINDAVANAM54D 5H 9D 18H11D 19H4D 9H       25D 2H26D 3H        NA25D 22H 105D 10H 131D 8H
143 311018110119OCEANIC HEIGHTS5D 23H 9D 2H13D 23H        2D 0H         01/12/201823D 1H 7D 23H 31D 0H
144 041018231745KALLAM'S AKSHAY B32D 12H 10D 9H11D 6H        14D 16H         12/12/201821D 15H 47D 4H 68D 19H
145 030818094812GREEN SPACE ENCLAVE95D 4H 10D 7H         65D 22H         NA10D 7H 161D 2H 171D 9H
146 251018165001SRI LALITHA RESIDENCY12D 0H 10D 5H7D 22H        6D 16H         01/12/201818D 3H 18D 16H 36D 19H
147 030818171439MOURYA CITY HOMES95D 2H 16D 16H                   23/11/201816D 16H 95D 2H 111D 18H
148 120918152532SHASHI ENCLAVE55D 4H 10D 14H         65D 7H         NA10D 14H 120D 11H 131D 1H
149 141018181359SRI SARADA HOMES24D 17H 9D 11H11D 9H        13D 11H         12/12/201820D 20H 38D 4H 59D 0H
150 260918112524PAVANI SOLITAIRE42D 22H 9D 11H12D 7H        12D 12H         12/12/201821D 18H 55D 10H 77D 4H
151 120918230855MOURYA CRYSTALS56D 19H 9D 17H4D 12H8D 21H       36D 1H0D 22H        07/01/201923D 2H 93D 18H 116D 20H
152 210918174827HONEYY GROUP-SREENIVASAM148D 1H 9D 17H10D 8H6D 2H       26D 1H1D 15H        01/01/201926D 3H 75D 17H 101D 20H
153 021118140819GAYATHRI NIVAS9D 2H 8D 0H         63D 2H         NA8D 0H 72D 4H 80D 4H
154 260918100650PAVANI VISTA46D 10H 8D 19H12D 7H        9D 20H         12/12/201821D 2H 56D 6H 77D 8H
155 110318171029ATREYA TOWERS245D 19H 9D 19H9D 0H        7D 5H         08/12/201818D 19H 253D 0H 271D 19H
156 041018185116SRICHAKRANILAYAM39D 2H 10D 2H11D 3H        19D 21H28D 20H        NA21D 5H 87D 19H 109D 0H
157 091118192623SL HAVEN4D 17H 9D 1H8D 22H        6D 6H         08/12/201817D 23H 10D 23H 28D 22H
158 281018114526TANEESHA HOMES ,CHEEDIGA17D 4H 10D 3H9D 15H11D 3H       7D 19H2D 1H        25/12/201830D 21H 27D 0H 57D 21H
159 081118112013BURUGUPALLI AADHI6D 6H 10D 3H9D 7H10D 17H       9D 21H0D 16H        25/12/201830D 3H 16D 19H 46D 22H
160 121118154249ZODIAC GARDEN2D 21H 9D 10H4D 1H        2D 12H         01/12/201813D 11H 5D 9H 18D 20H
161 291018162600VAISHNO SHYAM17D 0H 9D 6H9D 1H        10D 11H         14/12/201818D 7H 27D 11H 45D 18H
162 301018114720VAISHNO HARIPRIYA16D 6H 9D 23H15D 7H        9D 21H         20/12/201825D 6H 26D 3H 51D 9H
163 301018145800VAISHNO KEERTHANA16D 3H 9D 23H         57D 2H         NA9D 23H 73D 5H 83D 4H
164 161118114255BURUGUPALLI VIBHA0D 6H 9D 1H9D 17H        9D 0H         14/12/201818D 18H 9D 6H 28D 0H
165 280918150332AAVAASA PRIME49D 0H 9D 1H         54D 23H         NA9D 1H 103D 23H 113D 0H
166 130918164359CHANDRIKA LIFE STYLE64D 21H 10D 0H10D 22H        0D 6H         08/12/201820D 22H 65D 3H 86D 1H
167 311018115342DRK MANOR BLOCK-A19D 1H 8D 7H10D 2H        5D 18H         13/12/201818D 9H 24D 19H 43D 4H
168 131118112955DRK MANOR BLOCK-B6D 4H 8D 4H10D 1H        5D 19H         13/12/201818D 5H 11D 23H 30D 4H
169 141118175643KOLLIPARA RAMACHANDRA RAO5D 16H 7D 11H         54D 22H         NA7D 11H 60D 14H 68D 1H
170 290918171928AMRUTHA GRAND (PHASE-I)52D 0H 7D 5H13D 2H        9D 20H         20/12/201820D 7H 61D 20H 82D 3H
171 041018162050SRI CHAKRA GREEN VALLEY47D 20H 6D 11H         54D 20H         NA6D 11H 102D 16H 109D 3H
172 290918115726AMRUTHA GRAND (PHASE-II)53D 3H 6D 23H10D 5H11D 17H       2D 0H2D 21H        25/12/201828D 21H 58D 0H 86D 21H
173 191118182337LUCKIE TOWNSHIP PHASE-1 ANURU1D 23H 6D 23H4D 12H        37D 19H11D 20H        NA11D 11H 51D 14H 63D 1H
174 191118194622BAY RIDGE1D 22H 7D 0H         54D 1H         NA7D 0H 55D 23H 62D 23H
175 241018161346SAIPRIYA'S BASIL29D 20H 5D 11H10D 12H12D 20H       2D 18H0D 8H        25/12/201828D 19H 32D 22H 61D 17H
176 081018122728HIGHWAY CITY46D 4H 5D 19H         53D 7H         NA5D 19H 99D 11H 105D 6H
177 021118115427NAVARATNA'S SRI RAGHAVENDRA BRUNDAVANAM21D 4H 5D 21H7D 1H        25D 22H         01/01/201912D 22H 47D 2H 60D 0H
178 151118113133SAMPATH'S-CHAITANYA GRAND9D 5H 10D 1H14D 19H        5D 21H         25/12/201824D 20H 15D 2H 39D 22H
179 201118114801YASH TOWERS4D 5H 5D 3H13D 5H        7D 19H         20/12/201818D 8H 12D 0H 30D 8H
180 081118170731WIND SHIRE BLOCK -217D 22H 3D 8H9D 19H        4D 17H         14/12/201813D 3H 22D 15H 35D 18H
181 141118211821SRI SRINIVAS AVENUE11D 20H 3D 7H13D 16H        11D 18H         25/12/201816D 23H 23D 14H 40D 13H
182 121118163741THE SKIGH14D 1H 3D 6H5D 23H5D 6H       19D 18H10D 0H11D 17H       NA14D 11H 55D 12H 69D 23H
183 021018174343GUV RESIDENCY55D 18H 2D 18H15D 9H        5D 5H         20/12/201818D 3H 60D 23H 79D 2H
184 201118110554HAPPY NEST PHASE-27D 1H 4D 0H                   01/12/20184D 0H 7D 1H 11D 1H
185 161118120511SAI BRINDAVANAM11D 3H 7D 5H12D 19H        7D 18H         25/12/201820D 0H 18D 21H 38D 21H
186 271118150450VIJAYA MARUTHI NIVAS0D 4H 7D 3H11D 22H        8D 14H         25/12/201819D 1H 8D 18H 27D 19H
187 271118115909DHANWIN ENCLAVE1D 0H 8D 5H14D 22H        3D 19H         25/12/201823D 3H 4D 19H 27D 22H
188 221018122659NAVRATNA TRADE CCENTER37D 0H 8D 7H4D 6H7D 9H       19D 23H0D 9H        07/01/201919D 22H 57D 8H 77D 6H
189 241118113722AROMA VALLEY4D 2H 8D 12H4D 20H9D 5H       29D 13H2D 2H        NA22D 13H 35D 17H 58D 6H
190 021118172523MYTHRI HOMES26D 3H 9D 21H                   08/12/20189D 21H 26D 3H 36D 0H
191 261118162637SITARA GALAXY3D 0H 8D 19H4D 19H9D 1H       28D 5H2D 5H        NA22D 15H 33D 10H 56D 1H
192 141118145213SLG ORCHID HEIGHTS15D 2H 8D 19H4D 20H11D 1H       28D 4H0D 5H        NA24D 16H 43D 11H 68D 3H
193 260918153621VERTEX CAPITAL VISTA WEST64D 6H 9D 20H12D 20H        2D 18H         25/12/201822D 16H 67D 0H 89D 16H
194 191118153340BALAJI JADE10D 9H 12D 18H                   12/12/201812D 18H 10D 9H 23D 3H
195 051018163617N.S. RESIDENCY56D 1H 10D 2H12D 4H7D 3H       0D 16H1D 19H        01/01/201929D 9H 58D 12H 87D 21H
196 031018210259ALEKHYA ELITE57D 23H 10D 1H11D 12H8D 18H       1D 9H0D 1H        01/01/201930D 7H 59D 9H 89D 16H
197 301118103926CPR URBAN APARTMENTS1D 3H 10D 15H         40D 13H         NA10D 15H 41D 16H 52D 7H
198 291118163619SUN SHINE APARTMENT3D 16H 9D 12H6D 6H4D 3H       16D 17H2D 13H        11/01/201919D 21H 22D 22H 42D 19H
199 050718233403SRIDA PADMALAYAM150D 21H 9D 1H11D 23H        0D 12H         25/12/201821D 0H 151D 9H 172D 9H
200 141118150248SRI RAMACHANDRA RESIDENCY19D 22H 9D 8H10D 16H        0D 21H         25/12/201820D 0H 20D 19H 40D 19H
201 301018123206SRI SAI JAGURUTHI RESIDENCY35D 0H 9D 9H10D 16H        0D 20H         25/12/201820D 1H 35D 20H 55D 21H
202 180818150509PRATIMA ROYAL PALACE108D 1H 9D 6H5D 19H        5D 17H         25/12/201815D 1H 113D 18H 128D 19H
203 091118154655ELITE LX25D 1H 9D 7H5D 20H        5D 15H         25/12/201815D 3H 30D 16H 45D 19H
204 061018074102MARUTI GRAND59D 13H 9D 13H         38D 9H         NA9D 13H 97D 22H 107D 11H
205 301118102441BS & KS RESIDENCY5D 7H 15D 2H                   20/12/201815D 2H 5D 7H 20D 9H
206 170518154118EXOTICA202D 3H 9D 2H5D 0H10D 3H       16D 18H6D 1H        NA24D 5H 224D 22H 249D 3H
207 221118165742NAVAH13D 20H 8D 19H9D 21H        0D 5H         25/12/201818D 16H 14D 1H 32D 17H
208 051218104619SIVAPARVATHI PRESTIGE ESTATES1D 4H 9D 8H4D 23H        11D 16H         01/01/201914D 7H 12D 20H 27D 3H
209 271118130035VIJAYALAKSHMI ENCLAVE9D 2H 10D 4H         36D 0H         NA10D 4H 45D 2H 55D 6H
210 051218144717KAIZEN SATYA RESIDENCY1D 2H 10D 2H         35D 23H         NA10D 2H 37D 1H 47D 3H
211 061218193226SAMPSON ENCLAVE0D 2H 10D 21H         35D 1H         NA10D 21H 35D 3H 46D 0H
212 061218153937FORTUNE HOMES0D 20H 12D 1H5D 6H3D 1H       5D 23H8D 18H        11/01/201920D 8H 15D 13H 35D 21H
213 021018122944SRI VAMSI HEIGHTS66D 0H 12D 9H7D 1H        15D 14H         11/01/201919D 10H 81D 14H 101D 0H
214 231118113258N.K GRAND14D 5H 12D 14H6D 21H        0D 12H         27/12/201819D 11H 14D 17H 34D 4H
215 161118195221SAI ENCLAVE20D 20H 12D 17H7D 0H        0D 5H         27/12/201819D 17H 21D 1H 40D 18H
216 281118192034FIRMUS PRADHAMA9D 1H 12D 16H6D 0H        8D 9H17D 22H        NA18D 16H 35D 8H 54D 0H
217 041018125743GREEN CASTLE64D 17H 13D 13H8D 16H        18D 18H3D 13H        NA22D 5H 87D 0H 109D 5H
218 061218203310ELITE CITY1D 14H 13D 10H         30D 22H         NA13D 10H 32D 12H 45D 22H
219 081218122405SRI LAKSHMI HEIGHTS1D 20H 12D 11H4D 0H6D 7H       4D 12H1D 1H        07/01/201922D 18H 7D 9H 30D 3H
220 121018184528VAMSHI ENCLAVE58D 17H 12D 12H7D 6H        8D 13H         07/01/201919D 18H 67D 6H 87D 0H
221 211118162208VENU DHARANI19D 17H 11D 21H         29D 11H         NA11D 21H 49D 4H 61D 1H
222 101218123240SS VENTURES1D 22H 11D 9H         28D 23H         NA11D 9H 30D 21H 42D 6H
223 200818201748DATTA EVENUE113D 20H 11D 6H         28D 20H         NA11D 6H 142D 16H 153D 22H
224 290918180931VINAYAGHAR HEIGHTS(BLOCK-B)74D 21H 10D 20H         28D 8H         NA10D 20H 103D 5H 114D 1H
225 131218103336SS VENTURES PHASE 50D 4H 10D 22H         28D 6H         NA10D 22H 28D 10H 39D 8H
226 280918174946RS BRUNDAVANAM76D 23H 10D 5H         27D 21H         NA10D 5H 104D 20H 115D 1H
227 221018110423R SARASWATHI'S AJJARAPU HOMES54D 8H 9D 4H3D 17H        13D 20H10D 5H        NA12D 21H 78D 9H 91D 6H
228 131218105502SENOR VALLEY3D 8H 8D 4H4D 18H        2D 21H         01/01/201912D 22H 6D 5H 19D 3H
229 271118123734SUNRISE20D 6H 7D 13H2D 23H10D 2H       14D 9H0D 2H        NA20D 14H 34D 17H 55D 7H
230 181218102045SUKRITHI AVANTHIKA1D 6H 5D 23H5D 4H        7D 23H         07/01/201911D 3H 9D 5H 20D 8H
231 051218143700CHANDRIKA VILAASINI NATABHAIRAVI15D 3H 5D 1H5D 10H5D 21H       3D 18H1D 18H        11/01/201916D 8H 20D 15H 36D 23H
232 191118055103CHANDRIKA VILAASINI SURYAKANTHAM31D 11H 5D 19H9D 7H        3D 0H         07/01/201915D 2H 34D 11H 49D 13H
233 141118112733PAVAN RIVERA37D 6H 4D 22H5D 5H12D 1H       2D 0H6D 21H        NA22D 4H 46D 3H 68D 7H
234 211218151107RAMAKRISHNA FORTUNE CITI0D 5H 6D 13H5D 2H        0D 5H         02/01/201911D 15H 0D 10H 12D 1H
235 031018165646PADMA GRAND79D 17H 5D 23H7D 1H        3D 8H         07/01/201913D 0H 83D 1H 96D 1H
236 051218155440"PERAM"S ADITYA GRAND PHASE II16D 20H 5D 21H         24D 9H         NA5D 21H 41D 5H 47D 2H
237 301118123311HARITHA ICON24D 2H 6D 3H6D 0H        5D 19H         11/01/201912D 3H 29D 21H 42D 0H
238 110918160223SP'S GREEN NEST105D 19H 4D 12H         21D 20H         NA4D 12H 127D 15H 132D 3H
239 091018171118SRI SANTHI PLEASANT VILLAGE77D 22H 4D 9H         21D 19H         NA4D 9H 99D 17H 104D 2H
240 081218194506GREEN VALLEY17D 19H 4D 10H         21D 18H         NA4D 10H 39D 13H 43D 23H
241 311018151012PRIME LIVING SHANTINIKETAN56D 18H 4D 0H         19D 1H         NA4D 0H 75D 19H 79D 19H
242 271218131132BRINDAVANAM0D 3H 4D 4H7D 0H        3D 16H         11/01/201911D 4H 3D 19H 14D 23H
243 260618110618BOJAIAH RESIDENCY184D 21H 3D 20H         20D 13H         NA3D 20H 205D 10H 209D 6H
244 221118115308GARAPATI RAJANNA TOWERS36D 2H 3D 17H4D 0H        6D 6H         11/01/20197D 17H 42D 8H 50D 1H
245 030918161049HARMONY TOWN EAST SECTOR - 1116D 23H 6D 5H         16D 23H         NA6D 5H 133D 22H 140D 3H
246 281218174109RAJESWARI RESIDENCY0D 22H 6D 6H12D 6H        4D 15H         NA18D 12H 5D 13H 24D 1H
247 281218194701VINAYAGAR ISHA0D 21H 6D 15H         16D 11H         NA6D 15H 17D 8H 23D 23H
248 271218122227NOVUS FLORENCE VILLAGE PHASE II2D 6H 6D 19H10D 0H        6D 6H         NA16D 19H 8D 12H 25D 7H
249 031218134554ARYAN HOMES28D 22H 4D 4H         16D 3H         NA4D 4H 45D 1H 49D 5H
250 240818151437VEDADRI RESIDENCY130D 22H 5D 1H         14D 5H         NA5D 1H 145D 3H 150D 4H
251 010119145553AARNA CAPITAL CITY0D 22H 5D 1H         14D 5H         NA5D 1H 15D 3H 20D 4H
252 141218104448SUNRISE GARDENS19D 4H 5D 1H         14D 3H         NA5D 1H 33D 7H 38D 8H
253 131218102652SESHADRI HILLS20D 1H 5D 19H         13D 7H         NA5D 19H 33D 8H 39D 3H
254 311218130042SATVIK MANSION2D 5H 5D 19H                   08/01/20195D 19H 2D 5H 8D 0H
255 101018184546AMRAVITHI GREEN CITY84D 20H 5D 0H10D 2H        1D 4H1D 14H        NA15D 2H 87D 14H 102D 16H
256 091218225802VAISHNAVI KASTURI ENCLAVE24D 16H 5D 1H10D 22H        2D 5H         NA15D 23H 26D 21H 42D 20H
257 261218185359FORTUNE LEA TOWNSHIP7D 21H 5D 12H9D 7H        3D 8H         NA14D 19H 11D 5H 26D 0H
258 031218133551INDRAPRASTHA SHANTIGRAM31D 0H 5D 11H         12D 14H         NA5D 11H 43D 14H 49D 1H
259 041218130556REVANTH GANESH ENCLAVE30D 6H 5D 20H         12D 4H         NA5D 20H 42D 10H 48D 6H
260 271218121458SRI AASHIRWAD8D 0H 5D 9H         11D 21H         NA5D 9H 19D 21H 25D 6H
261 231118181727SSS CGS SIRINIVASA NILAYAM41D 19H 7D 0H                   11/01/20197D 0H 41D 19H 48D 19H
262 061218142226VAISHNO DELITE29D 0H 5D 8H10D 3H        1D 17H         NA15D 11H 30D 17H 46D 4H
263 271218155518GP INDRAPRASTHA9D 2H 5D 17H7D 9H        2D 23H         NA13D 2H 12D 1H 25D 3H
264 231118110409LUCKIE TOWNSHIP PHASE-2 KOTHAVALASA45D 22H 5D 15H         7D 12H         NA5D 15H 53D 10H 59D 1H
265 051218172606PERAMS ADITYA VARNA PHASE-I34D 4H 8D 20H         4D 2H         NA8D 20H 38D 6H 47D 2H
266 090119114645PERAMS ADITYA VARNA PHASE-II0D 1H 8D 18H         3D 13H         NA8D 18H 3D 14H 12D 8H
267 090119125409PERAMS ADITYA VARNA PHASE-III0D 2H 9D 1H         3D 3H         NA9D 1H 3D 5H 12D 6H
268 090119161543PERAMS ADITYA LAHARI BLOCK-A0D 0H 10D 0H         2D 3H         NA10D 0H 2D 3H 12D 3H
269 090119152248PERAMS ADITYA LAHARI BLOCK-D0D 2H 10D 0H         2D 2H         NA10D 0H 2D 4H 12D 4H
270 090119181345PERAMS ADITYA ANANDITA0D 0H 10D 2H         1D 23H         NA10D 2H 1D 23H 12D 1H
271 090119185230PERAM'S ADITYA WHITE FIELD BLOCK-F (VI)0D 1H 10D 12H         1D 12H         NA10D 12H 1D 13H 12D 1H
272 090119214749PERAMS ADITYA LAHARI BLOCK-B0D 1H 10D 10H         1D 11H         NA10D 10H 1D 12H 11D 22H
273 100119103142PERAMS ADITYA LAHARI BLOCK-C0D 0H 10D 16H         0D 16H         NA10D 16H 0D 16H 11D 8H
274 221118161407NIMISH ROYAL48D 18H 10D 16H         0D 15H         NA10D 16H 49D 9H 60D 1H
275 100119155037PERAMS ADITYA WHITE FIELD BLOCK-B0D 1H 11D 3H                   NA11D 3H 0D 1H 11D 4H
276 100119165656PERAMS ADITYA WHITE FIELD BLOCK-C0D 0H 11D 2H                   NA11D 2H 0D 0H 11D 2H
277 100119174549PERAMS ADITYA WHITE FIELD BLOCK-D0D 1H 11D 1H                   NA11D 1H 0D 1H 11D 2H
278 100119183511PERAMS ADITYA WHITE FIELD BLOCK-E0D 1H 11D 0H                   NA11D 0H 0D 1H 11D 1H
279 290918170139BALAJI RESIDECY103D 2H 11D 0H                   NA11D 0H 103D 2H 114D 2H
280 151118132306AVASA SKYWAY57D 5H 10D 1H                   NA10D 1H 57D 5H 67D 6H
281 101218131010JUPUDI ENCALVE32D 6H 9D 23H                   NA9D 23H 32D 6H 42D 5H
282 161218111535GORANTLA CLASSIC27D 2H 9D 6H                   NA9D 6H 27D 2H 36D 8H
283 040119171850PSR HEIGHTS8D 0H 9D 2H                   NA9D 2H 8D 0H 17D 2H
284 100119135706SRI LAKSHMI NARASIMHA PARADISE3D 22H 7D 7H                   NA7D 7H 3D 22H 11D 5H
285 301218220215CHANDRIKA VILAASINI KEERAVANI16D 19H 5D 2H                   NA5D 2H 16D 19H 21D 21H
286 311218192420CHANDRIKA VILAASINI SUVARNANGI15D 22H 5D 2H                   NA5D 2H 15D 22H 21D 0H
287 010119213852CHANDRIKA VILAASINI MOHANA14D 19H 5D 2H                   NA5D 2H 14D 19H 19D 21H
288 010119213930CHANDRIKA VILAASINI KALYANI14D 19H 5D 2H                   NA5D 2H 14D 19H 19D 21H
289 010318193805PARC VILLE321D 16H 4D 7H                   NA4D 7H 321D 16H 325D 23H
290 061218141123AVANTHIKA42D 2H 4D 3H                   NA4D 3H 42D 2H 46D 5H
291 170119144903LALITHA SRI CASTLE0D 22H 3D 6H                   NA3D 6H 0D 22H 4D 4H
292 120119120533NAKSHITHA ENCLAVE6D 1H 3D 5H                   NA3D 5H 6D 1H 9D 6H
293 150918134831R.V. HEIGHTS125D 3H 3D 2H                   NA3D 2H 125D 3H 128D 5H
294 140818171342INDRAKEELADRI INFRA PROJECTS157D 17H 2D 8H                   NA2D 8H 157D 17H 160D 1H
295 271218115221FORTUNE IB23D 6H 2D 1H                   NA2D 1H 23D 6H 25D 7H
296 241018154621SAI ANJANA88D 21H 0D 6H                   NA0D 6H 88D 21H 89D 3H
297 081118130848VISHWANADH AVENUES-274D 0H 0D 2H                   NA0D 2H 74D 0H 74D 2H
298 131118105840DWARAKA TOWERS69D 6H 0D 0H                   NA0D 0H 69D 6H 69D 6H