R21.2 Application Wise Time Taken Report - Agent

S.No Application No Agent Name Time taken to
submit application
date to
date )
Scrutiny Time taken to submit
shortfall documents
by Agent
Approved date Total
no of
to scrutiny
no of Days/Hours
with Agent
 Total   Time  
S1 Days/Hours S2 Days/Hours S3 Days/Hours S4 Days/Hours S5 Days/Hours S6 Days/Hours S7 Days/Hours S8 Days/Hours S9 Days/Hours S10 Days/Hours D1 Days/Hours D2 Days/Hours D3 Days/Hours D4 Days/Hours D5 Days/Hours D6 Days/Hours D7 Days/Hours D8 Days/Hours D9 Days/Hours D10 Days/Hours
1 010118122234INDIABULLS INVESTMENT ADVISORS LIMITED33D 4H 1D 2H                   06/02/20181D 2H 33D 4H 34D 6H
2 080218150119HAPPYHOMESS CONSULTANCY PVT LTD1D 0H 39D 20H22D 2H8D 1H       12D 3H12D 21H        15/05/201869D 23H 26D 0H 95D 23H
3 170218104159SAI PRIYANKA HOUSING PROJECTS PVT LTD4D 0H 28D 5H28D 2H        12D 0H         30/04/201856D 7H 16D 0H 72D 7H
4 220218084707regrob infrastructure pvt ltd4D 4H 23D 3H22D 0H5D 21H29D 1H      12D 2H7D 23H20D 3H       26/06/201880D 1H 44D 8H 124D 9H
5 270218140645MOHAMMED SAJEED1D 1H 21D 1H28D 1H        12D 1H         30/04/201849D 2H 13D 2H 62D 4H
6 120318163922YAKKANTI VENKATESWARA REDDY0D 4H 48D 21H                   30/04/201848D 21H 0D 4H 49D 1H
7 210318154512Avenue Realty0D 0H 40D 3H11D 1H        3D 20H         15/05/201851D 4H 3D 20H 55D 0H
8 220318151304DAVID RAJU REDDY0D 1H 27D 17H4D 2H6D 23H       3D 2H0D 3H        15/05/201838D 18H 3D 6H 42D 0H
9 090418182412SRIRAM VUPPALA9D 23H 25D 21H                   15/05/201825D 21H 9D 23H 35D 20H
10 160418181024JALASUTRAM MOHAN RAO0D 18H 13D 22H7D 2H        7D 4H         15/05/201821D 0H 7D 22H 28D 22H
11 010518100308SQUARE YARDS CONSULTING PRIVATE LIMITED0D 0H 14D 2H                   15/05/201814D 2H 0D 0H 14D 2H
12 190518154644SOLE VENKATA KOTESWARA RAO0D 0H 38D 2H                   26/06/201838D 2H 0D 0H 38D 2H
13 090618233630SUGUNAN HARISH BABU3D 17H 13D 2H                   26/06/201813D 2H 3D 17H 16D 19H
14 130618120146PUVVADA PATTABI CHOUDARI2D 3H 11D 3H                   26/06/201811D 3H 2D 3H 13D 6H
15 230618113930NALLAMALA PRASAD0D 0H 23D 5H                   16/07/201823D 5H 0D 0H 23D 5H
16 290618143713M V NAGARAJU0D 2H 17D 1H                   16/07/201817D 1H 0D 2H 17D 3H
17 290618143506KUPPALA VENKATARAMANA0D 1H 17D 2H                   16/07/201817D 2H 0D 1H 17D 3H
18 100718120653GANDHAM SYAM BABU0D 1H 50D 4H                   29/08/201850D 4H 0D 1H 50D 5H
19 230718180235TULLURI VENKATA SESHA RAO0D 16H 36D 6H                   29/08/201836D 6H 0D 16H 36D 22H
20 050918115107KNIGHT FRANK INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED0D 1H 6D 4H                   11/09/20186D 4H 0D 1H 6D 5H
21 050918172405MBN SATYANARAYANA0D 0H 5D 21H                   11/09/20185D 21H 0D 0H 5D 21H
22 060918130842karri umakanth0D 1H 4D 17H7D 2H        8D 7H         26/09/201811D 19H 8D 8H 20D 3H
23 070918121135goka.sunitha0D 0H 4D 4H                   11/09/20184D 4H 0D 0H 4D 4H
24 070918191446chintalapudi.aravinda devi0D 0H 3D 21H                   11/09/20183D 21H 0D 0H 3D 21H
25 070918193444chintalapudi.madhusudhana rao0D 0H 3D 21H                   11/09/20183D 21H 0D 0H 3D 21H
26 080918162307Petta Prameela0D 1H 14D 17H29D 19H        1D 6H         24/10/201844D 12H 1D 7H 45D 19H
27 080918164144Ch Karuna0D 0H 18D 0H                   26/09/201818D 0H 0D 0H 18D 0H
28 090918125947KILADI CHANDRAKALA0D 2H 17D 1H                   26/09/201817D 1H 0D 2H 17D 3H
29 011018212437VENKATA RAO SANAPALA0D 1H 22D 13H                   24/10/201822D 13H 0D 1H 22D 14H
30 031018131438ADDEPALLI RAJENDRA PRASAD0D 0H 20D 22H                   24/10/201820D 22H 0D 0H 20D 22H
31 011118170128KARINI VENKATA VARA SATYA PRASAD7D 18H 4D 7H                   13/11/20184D 7H 7D 18H 12D 1H
32 011118173546VALLURI SIREESH BABU6D 18H 5D 7H                   13/11/20185D 7H 6D 18H 12D 1H
33 081118104926NIRMALA GUNDU0D 1H 5D 7H                   13/11/20185D 7H 0D 1H 5D 8H
34 091118102730Mohammad Nasrullah10D 3H 3D 21H3D 0H        46D 3H         11/01/20196D 21H 56D 6H 63D 3H
35 101118104419SUNITHA POTTI0D 0H 3D 8H                   13/11/20183D 8H 0D 0H 3D 8H
36 101118132519SRINIVASA RAO BALLA0D 0H 10D 17H                   23/11/201810D 17H 0D 0H 10D 17H
37 201118170506VADDEBOINA VENKATA NARAYANA0D 0H 2D 15H                   23/11/20182D 15H 0D 0H 2D 15H
38 211118125812VENKATESWARA RAO KONGARA0D 0H 1D 21H                   23/11/20181D 21H 0D 0H 1D 21H
39 141218152449Veera Nageswara Rao Nuthalapati0D 3H 6D 2H                   20/12/20186D 2H 0D 3H 6D 5H
40 201218174930PANEM ARUN0D 1H 6D 1H                   01/01/20196D 1H 0D 1H 6D 2H
41 311218120019Peruri Sunitha1D 1H 2D 9H3D 2H        4D 13H         11/01/20195D 11H 5D 14H 11D 1H