R21.2 Application Wise Time Taken Report - Agent

S.No Application No Agent Name Time taken to
submit application
date to
date )
Scrutiny Time taken to submit
shortfall documents
by Agent
Approved date Total
no of
to scrutiny
no of Days/Hours
with Agent
 Total   Time  
S1 Days/Hours S2 Days/Hours S3 Days/Hours S4 Days/Hours S5 Days/Hours S6 Days/Hours S7 Days/Hours S8 Days/Hours S9 Days/Hours S10 Days/Hours D1 Days/Hours D2 Days/Hours D3 Days/Hours D4 Days/Hours D5 Days/Hours D6 Days/Hours D7 Days/Hours D8 Days/Hours D9 Days/Hours D10 Days/Hours
1 010118122234INDIABULLS INVESTMENT ADVISORS LIMITED33D 4H 1D 2H                   06/02/20181D 2H 33D 4H 34D 6H
2 080218150119HAPPYHOMESS CONSULTANCY PVT LTD1D 0H 39D 20H22D 2H8D 1H       12D 3H12D 21H        15/05/201869D 23H 26D 0H 95D 23H
3 170218104159SAI PRIYANKA HOUSING PROJECTS PVT LTD4D 0H 28D 5H28D 2H        12D 0H         30/04/201856D 7H 16D 0H 72D 7H
4 220218084707regrob infrastructure pvt ltd4D 4H 23D 3H22D 0H5D 21H29D 1H      12D 2H7D 23H20D 3H       26/06/201880D 1H 44D 8H 124D 9H
5 270218140645MOHAMMED SAJEED1D 1H 21D 1H28D 1H        12D 1H         30/04/201849D 2H 13D 2H 62D 4H
6 120318163922YAKKANTI VENKATESWARA REDDY0D 4H 48D 21H                   30/04/201848D 21H 0D 4H 49D 1H
7 210318154512Avenue Realty0D 0H 40D 3H11D 1H        3D 20H         15/05/201851D 4H 3D 20H 55D 0H
8 220318151304DAVID RAJU REDDY0D 1H 27D 17H4D 2H6D 23H       3D 2H0D 3H        15/05/201838D 18H 3D 6H 42D 0H
9 090418182412SRIRAM VUPPALA9D 23H 25D 21H                   15/05/201825D 21H 9D 23H 35D 20H
10 160418181024JALASUTRAM MOHAN RAO0D 18H 13D 22H7D 2H        7D 4H         15/05/201821D 0H 7D 22H 28D 22H
11 010518100308SQUARE YARDS CONSULTING PRIVATE LIMITED0D 0H 14D 2H                   15/05/201814D 2H 0D 0H 14D 2H
12 190518154644SOLE VENKATA KOTESWARA RAO0D 0H 38D 2H                   26/06/201838D 2H 0D 0H 38D 2H
13 090618233630SUGUNAN HARISH BABU3D 17H 13D 2H                   26/06/201813D 2H 3D 17H 16D 19H
14 130618120146PUVVADA PATTABI CHOUDARI2D 3H 11D 3H                   26/06/201811D 3H 2D 3H 13D 6H
15 230618113930NALLAMALA PRASAD0D 0H 23D 5H                   16/07/201823D 5H 0D 0H 23D 5H
16 290618143713M V NAGARAJU0D 2H 17D 1H                   16/07/201817D 1H 0D 2H 17D 3H
17 290618143506KUPPALA VENKATARAMANA0D 1H 17D 2H                   16/07/201817D 2H 0D 1H 17D 3H
18 100718120653GANDHAM SYAM BABU0D 1H 50D 4H                   29/08/201850D 4H 0D 1H 50D 5H
19 230718180235TULLURI VENKATA SESHA RAO0D 16H 36D 6H                   29/08/201836D 6H 0D 16H 36D 22H
20 050918115107KNIGHT FRANK INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED0D 1H 6D 4H                   11/09/20186D 4H 0D 1H 6D 5H
21 050918172405MBN SATYANARAYANA0D 0H 5D 21H                   11/09/20185D 21H 0D 0H 5D 21H
22 060918130842karri umakanth0D 1H 4D 17H7D 2H        8D 7H         26/09/201811D 19H 8D 8H 20D 3H
23 070918121135goka.sunitha0D 0H 4D 4H                   11/09/20184D 4H 0D 0H 4D 4H
24 070918191446chintalapudi.aravinda devi0D 0H 3D 21H                   11/09/20183D 21H 0D 0H 3D 21H
25 070918193444chintalapudi.madhusudhana rao0D 0H 3D 21H                   11/09/20183D 21H 0D 0H 3D 21H
26 080918162307Petta Prameela0D 1H 14D 17H29D 19H        1D 6H         24/10/201844D 12H 1D 7H 45D 19H
27 080918164144Ch Karuna0D 0H 18D 0H                   26/09/201818D 0H 0D 0H 18D 0H
28 090918125947KILADI CHANDRAKALA0D 2H 17D 1H                   26/09/201817D 1H 0D 2H 17D 3H
29 011018212437VENKATA RAO SANAPALA0D 1H 22D 13H                   24/10/201822D 13H 0D 1H 22D 14H
30 031018131438ADDEPALLI RAJENDRA PRASAD0D 0H 20D 22H                   24/10/201820D 22H 0D 0H 20D 22H
31 011118170128KARINI VENKATA VARA SATYA PRASAD7D 18H 4D 7H                   13/11/20184D 7H 7D 18H 12D 1H
32 011118173546VALLURI SIREESH BABU6D 18H 5D 7H                   13/11/20185D 7H 6D 18H 12D 1H
33 081118104926NIRMALA GUNDU0D 1H 5D 7H                   13/11/20185D 7H 0D 1H 5D 8H
34 091118102730Mohammad Nasrullah10D 3H 3D 21H3D 0H        46D 3H         11/01/20196D 21H 56D 6H 63D 3H
35 101118104419SUNITHA POTTI0D 0H 3D 8H                   13/11/20183D 8H 0D 0H 3D 8H
36 101118132519SRINIVASA RAO BALLA0D 0H 10D 17H                   23/11/201810D 17H 0D 0H 10D 17H
37 201118170506VADDEBOINA VENKATA NARAYANA0D 0H 2D 15H                   23/11/20182D 15H 0D 0H 2D 15H
38 211118125812VENKATESWARA RAO KONGARA0D 0H 1D 21H                   23/11/20181D 21H 0D 0H 1D 21H
39 141218152449Veera Nageswara Rao Nuthalapati0D 3H 6D 2H                   20/12/20186D 2H 0D 3H 6D 5H
40 201218174930PANEM ARUN0D 1H 6D 1H                   01/01/20196D 1H 0D 1H 6D 2H
41 311218120019Peruri Sunitha1D 1H 2D 9H3D 2H        4D 13H         11/01/20195D 11H 5D 14H 11D 1H
42 110219112346Cushman and Wakefield India Pvt Ltd0D 5H 16D 16H1D 18H        19D 5H         21/03/201918D 10H 19D 10H 37D 20H
43 160219102254ICONICA PROJECTS0D 8H 14D 1H4D 11H11D 19H20D 2H      21D 16H6D 22H23D 1H       29/05/201950D 9H 51D 23H 102D 8H
44 190219174049CBRE SOUTH ASIA PRIVATE LIMITED1D 19H 9D 7H7D 1H        19D 16H         29/03/201916D 8H 21D 11H 37D 19H
45 210219143415Sree Krishna Seelam0D 0H 13D 23H                   07/03/201913D 23H 0D 0H 13D 23H
46 210219164122AVENIR REALTY LLP6D 17H 19D 4H                   19/03/201919D 4H 6D 17H 25D 21H
47 010319173155AVIGHNA LAND DEVELOPERS AND BUILDERS90D 17H 13D 4H                   13/06/201913D 4H 90D 17H 103D 21H
48 100319140447KTR PLANNERS AND DEVELOPERS71D 20H 8D 9H                   29/05/20198D 9H 71D 20H 80D 5H
49 140319162317Sites Bazaar1D 1H 5D 16H                   21/03/20195D 16H 1D 1H 6D 17H
50 190319121847LATHA MENON MADATHIL0D 0H 1D 21H                   21/03/20191D 21H 0D 0H 1D 21H
51 210319105036T.sridhar0D 1H 7D 23H                   29/03/20197D 23H 0D 1H 8D 0H
52 060519222013Charanetra Spaces Private Limited0D 0H 2D 11H                   09/05/20192D 11H 0D 0H 2D 11H
53 090519144332SUVARNAKUTEER DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED0D 2H 20D 1H                   29/05/201920D 1H 0D 2H 20D 3H
54 170519153809SUN REALTY0D 0H 12D 3H                   29/05/201912D 3H 0D 0H 12D 3H
55 280519124700PROPNEST MARKETING SERVICES0D 0H 2D 23H                   31/05/20192D 23H 0D 0H 2D 23H
56 050619174410P Soma Sekhar0D 20H 7D 1H                   13/06/20197D 1H 0D 20H 7D 21H
57 130619165843SATHI MADHAVA RAMA KRISHNA REDDY0D 1H 3D 22H                   NA3D 22H 0D 1H 3D 23H
58 140619120602C.HARI NARAYANA0D 1H 3D 2H                   NA3D 2H 0D 1H 3D 3H